I’ve read a number of people’s blogs (such as Britt’s) now where they offer a few online resources or whatever that can be used to enhance learning inside the classroom.

I came across Kahoot at the local school I teacher aide at, and at first, I was confused, but now, I reckon its awesome.

So what is it?

Kahoot is a game based classroom learning tool that can be used in school, universities and businesses, where students are motivated through ICT use to participate in game based learning. So basically, the teacher sets up a projector and laptop/iPad in a room where all kids can see, and opens up a quiz, survey, learning experience that the students can connect to via computers, iPads, phones, iPods, laptops or basically any other device. As a class or individually, students are able to answer the questions on the quiz, as seen in the below video: 

For a better explanation, I pulled this straight from the Kahoot website:

Screen Shot 2015-05-03 at 6.02.43 pm

It’s really great to see the game in action in the classroom, and it’s not only for the younger years either! At the school I’m working in, the senior grades get more excited about getting to play it then the junior kids do. Maybe you can incorporate it into your pracs in the next few weeks.



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