My Last Post for EDC3100

Finally! This is it! Over the past 6 months, this blog posting thing has kinda been pretty fun. I feel that I’ve been able to bring my own interests and likes out in some uni work that gets marked on. I found this article about the importance of learning by using blogs, which I feel I can now relate too, because of this experience.

While it’s been pretty enjoyable, there’s been some aspects of these blogs that made me question the necessity of them. I’ll admit, that even right now, instead of writing this blog, I could be doing so many other things (like for instance, studying for my oncoming history exam, sleeping, or watching the season five Game of Thrones finale).

In saying that, I’ve enjoyed “reading” many other people’s blogs, and taking on board their ideas to help form my own decisions about what to write. Most of my blogs, as you can see, have either been rants, such as this blog, and this blog, and this blog (wow that’s a lot of rants), educative practices, like this blog and this blog, or included references to my favourite tv shows, which is basically all of them (I didn’t link those ones because let’s face it, you won’t click on it anyway.) I also feel that these blogs have allowed me to put many of my own opinions into them – whether that be explicitly, implicitly, or sarcastically, hopefully you got the message.

Will I incorporate blogs into my own classrooms? Maybe, we’ll see….

Anyway, that’s it from me. Thanks for reading/viewing/being part of my ICT learning journey.

You’re Welcome,



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